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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ten Things About My Son

1. He loves to laugh and to make others laugh. This kid was born to perform.

2. He is an electronics whiz. He can figure out computers, phones, iPads, iPods, cameras. I always tell people to keep their electronics out of his grasp. He's been known to hijack my phone and text his siblings with his name.

3. He loves to take photos and videos of himself. He'll watch said videos on the iPad for hours. He prefers to watch his selfie videos over movies and cartoons.

4. He comforts others. If he seems that someone is sad, he will put his arm around that person. He is very compassionate.

5. He has taught himself to swim, and he loves to go swimming. He'll run upstairs to his room and put on his swimsuit almost every day.

6. He loves to sing. His favorite songs are, "Happy Birthday," "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes," and "Nephi's Courage."

7. He can read. He uses his decoding skills to sound out unfamiliar words on signs, menus, books, newspapers. He likes to show others that he can read.

8. His favorite computer game is Batman 2. He'll even eat his vegetables if it means he can play Batman 2.

9. He is grossed out by his older brother's armpit hair. He thinks it's disgusting when we're in the pool and his brother lifts up his arm. Little does he know, someday he'll have his own armpit hair.

10. He can count to 20 and can do simple addition. He loves to play math games on www.abcya.com.

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