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Friday, September 24, 2010

Speech Therapy

We took my son in for a speech evaluation and will start speech therapy next week. Of course, when the therapist that evaluated him asked him to say some words he wouldn't. But, I know he isn't very verbal so I think this speech therapy will be a good thing. My kids tend to be late talkers so I was waiting to see if he'd pick it up on his own. Since he's only saying a few words and generally communicating in other ways, I wanted to get him started.

He does not have a problem communicating at all, he just isn't very verbal and I know he'll need to be verbal before he starts school, so now is a good time. I'm also hoping to learn techniques from the therapist that I can use at home to help him.

Does anyone have any advice on what helped your child with verbal skills?

I'm excited for him to be more verbal. I can't wait to hear him speak more.