Every baby is a gift, even if the wrapping is a little different.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Mr. Hilarious

At least I think he's hilarious . . . .

Now he's a cool dude . . .

Like his peace sign?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Newest Fish

We spent last weekend in Provo, UT. We had a great time because we were all together. I love that my older kids live in the same place so we can go visit all of them at once. I love having all of us together.

My oldest son and his wife are house shopping so we visited several homes in the Spanish Fork area and we dragged all of the kids with us. After a long day, we decided to take everyone swimming at the Provo Rec. Center (we tried to go to Seven Peaks but it was way too crowded).

My kids are all fish. Child #4 was swimming around the pool (with floaties) when she was 18 months old. She had no fear of the water at all. In fact, none of my kids have ever feared the water except for my youngest son. He usually hangs onto his dad for dear life when we're swimming. He'll splash a bit but only if he's still clinging to one of us. He's never been one to brave the water much.

This time he was with his oldest brother in the pool and he was still a bit fearful. When his brother showed him that he could touch the ground and still have his head above water he instantly changed into a water-lover. I was shocked to see him walking through the water splashing kids and laughing. He had a great time and he wasn't afraid. Yay!

I grew up next to the ocean and I swam all the time. I spent every summer at the beach (I have the wrinkles to prove it). I love the water and I want my kids to love, and respect, the water. I wasn't sure if my youngest would ever enjoy swimming but this weekend proved that he does. He's my newest fish.