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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Son Speaks Swahili

I'm thinking that when my son was in line waiting to come down to earth he stood in the wrong line. Instead of standing in the "I'm going to an English-speaking family" he stood in the "I'm going to a Swahili-speaking family."

He has no problems being vocal and even animated as he "speaks." It's just that the "words" he uses are not English. Maybe if we took him to Africa everyone could understand him.

He's been launching into long stories, taking breaks to laugh, and then resuming his discourse. I just wish I could understand some of it. I'm so anxious to know what's on his little mind.

He is recognizing letters. My iPod has an app (free) that shows some letters and then it says, "Pick the letter G," and he taps the screen on the letter G. He gets most of them right. I was surprised when he got the letter Q correct. I'm happy that with audio prompts he's finding the right letters. The best part is he thinks he's playing a game but he's actually learning something. I've found many free educational apps for my iPod and he loves playing them.

I'm sure i's speech will come eventually, but until then, maybe I should start learning Swahili.