Every baby is a gift, even if the wrapping is a little different.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Update and Apps

I stopped writing on this blog because it seemed like there wasn't much interest and moved posts about Down syndrome to my personal blog www.rebeccatalleywrites.blogspot.com. However, I've noticed that there are still page views so I assume there are people out there trying to get more information about Down syndrome.

It's been almost a year since I last posted here. During this last year, I enrolled my son in a virtual kindergarten program. He did very well. Much of the program was online and he's a whiz on the computer (much to my chagrin most of the time). He struggled with writing letters and some of the offline work so we focused on the online part of the program.

I also spent time each day with him on the iPad with apps. There are so many free apps out there it was hard to sort through them. While he enjoys a lot of apps, his favorite, hands down is the Elmo's ABCs app. He can spend hours on that app and, as a result, has learned his ABCs. He sings the ABC song at least a billion times a day. He knows the names of all of the letters. I think this app is $5.99.

He also likes PocketPhonics. I like that one as well because it teaches him the sounds of the letters and then has him spell out words by sounding them out which is what we're working on now. I think it was $2.99.

In addition to these, I've also gone over sight word flashcards with him and he can sight read at least 100 words, probably more.

He continues to be healthy and very happy. He can also spell his name now.

For anyone who has a child with DS or has recently had a baby with DS, I want you to know your child has a very bright future. Don't let anyone convince you that your child cannot learn or enjoy life as much as any other child. It may be different and you may have to make adjustments, but it's so worth it.