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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

He Loves to Swim

A few months ago, this kid was not swimming at all. He barely tolerated the water. By the end of the summer, he was jumping in, holding his breath, going under water, doing somersaults, and swimming across the jacuzzi part of the pool. He loves it. He learned all of this from being in the pool so much with us this summer.

He loves swimming so much that sometimes he won't get out of the pool. One night the other kids were done swimming and had gone inside the house.  I was outside next to the pool watching him, but I was in my clothes. I asked him to get out. He told me he didn't want to. And he meant it.  As soon as I got close to one side of the jacuzzi, he swam to the other side. He knew I couldn't reach him without getting into the jacuzzi and since I was dressed, I wasn't going to come in and get him. He thought it was such a fun game. I did not. Finally, I had his older brother get back into his swimsuit and go into the jacuzzi to retrieve Jared.

I was not a happy mom. Jared didn't get to go swimming the next day as a consequence. He hasn't refused to get out of the pool since then.

I am thrilled that he is swimming and that he loves it. He isn't quite ready to brave the main pool. I am hoping that will come as he feels more confident and spends more time in the water.

We're even thinking about putting him on a swim team next spring.

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