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Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Son is Just a Kid

We attend church on Sundays. Last week my son's teacher asked me to send her a list of talents he has because the class would be talking about talents.

After church, one of the boys in his class came up to me and said, "Jared has a lot of talents." Then he flashed me a big, toothy grin.

His teacher approached me and talked about how the class had gone. She said that she loved the things I'd sent in about Jared, and it made all the kids in the class realize that he is like them. She said it opened their eyes and gave them a new view of him because he doesn't participate much since his speech skills limit his ability to verbally interact with the other kids.

I think they all realized what I did so many years ago.

He's just a kid.

Yes, he has challenges. It takes him longer to do things.  He met his milestones later than his siblings. His speech is very limited.

Still, he's just a kid.

He loves to play Batman 2 on the computer. He plays with his Buzz Lightyear and Woody toys. He loves to swim and jump on the trampoline. He plays on a baseball team. He sings, forgets to flush the toilet, and tries to avoid bedtime. He asks why he has to do homework. He loves to sit on my lap while I read him a book. He doesn't like to eat his vegetables. And like the boy that he is, when he passes gas, he makes sure everyone knows and then he laughs about it. Because body noises are just so funny to boys.

He's just a kid who happens to have Down syndrome.

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