Every baby is a gift, even if the wrapping is a little different.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Every Baby Deserves to Live

I recently watched a video about a couple who shared their very personal journey about having a child with Trisomy 13. It was so touching. They received the diagnosis that their son had a rare chromosomal abnormality after they had an ultrasound. Of course, they were given the option to terminate the pregnancy.

With such a dire diagnosis, and the reality that their son would die soon after birth, a choice to terminate would seem the rational thing to do, but that is not what they chose. I loved the line at the end. This was their son. They chose to give him a few days of life because he deserved to feel their love and to know they wanted him.

We live in such a disposable society. 90% of all pregnancies diagnosed with Down syndrome are terminated. Whether that is due to fear, ignorance, or selfishness, the outcome is the same. And so is the message: A child that is imperfect is disposable.

Everyone wants that "perfect" baby. And yet, there are no guarantees that the "perfect" baby won't have autism, or learning disabilities, or suffer an accident or illness that incapacitates the child. Or worse, how many "perfect" babies are now in prison as a result of heinous acts? There are no guarantees.

Every baby deserves to live and deserves to be loved.

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