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Friday, October 3, 2014

Not a Blob

Sometimes he is mischievous.

When he was born, I thought he'd be a blob. I didn't  think he'd interact with me, his family, or anyone around him. I envisioned him just watching the world pass him by. I didn't think he'd experience much.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Not only is he completely interactive with the world around him, he can get into mischief.

(Even though his current verbal skills prevent him from verbally communicating like kids his age, he absolutely communicates in other ways and interacts with people).

This is the face he makes when he's up to no good. He knows when he is doing something he shouldn't. Like my other kids, he tries to be cute to get out of being in trouble. He also tries to be cute and adorable when he's supposed to go to bed. Unfortunately, sometimes he wins.

The point is that he knows. He isn't just a blob letting life happen to him. He make decisions and choices. He isn't simply acted upon.

My son loves to play a computer game called Batman 2. It's a Lego version and he loves, loves, loves it. We told him that in order for him to play this game, he must receive all "smiley faces" at school for his behavior, work, and participation. Each day when we pick him up, the first thing he does is pull his folder out of his backpack and show us that he has happy faces. Then he says, "Batman 2."

He is capable of making choices and learning how to behave. He continues to learn the difference between right and wrong. He is beginning to understand the consequences to his choices. He knows that if he gets happy faces he can play his game. He has also learned that he can only play his game after he does his homework. No homework, no game. Since he loves this game, it's quite the motivator.

He is not a blob.

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