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Friday, October 10, 2014

He Plays Baseball

When I first had my son, I was afraid he wouldn't participate in life. I thought he'd just exist and that was pretty much it. I've since learned how wrong I was.

He does so many "typical" kid things, including playing baseball.  He plays on a special team that was created, and is supported, by a local baseball association. He has a game every week and the season runs the same as the regular one. He first played on this team last spring and he is playing again this fall.

He loves it. He gets so excited when he hits the ball and runs to the bases (and now we're happy that he runs in the right direction). When he hits home plate, he bows and throws kisses to the crowd.

Yeah, it isn't a regular team and the rules are different, but he has a uniform, he catches hits by players on the other team, he hits the ball, he runs the bases, and he's learned the rules. In my book, that's baseball.

Each week a team from one of the high schools volunteers to help the players on this team. When it's a boys baseball team, my son is all business. When it's a girls softball team, he becomes Don Juan and spends most of the game flirting with the teenage girls.

All in all, it's a great experience and we're having fun.

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