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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reading and Down Syndrome

Last night I went to the open house for our middle school so I could meet my kids' teachers. One of the classes offered is called Kids-to-Kids. It's a special education, center-based class for kids who have special needs. Kids without special needs can sign up for the class to serve as helpers, mentors, and friends of those with special needs.

Seven of my kids have worked in this class and they have all loved it. I think it's an excellent way for typical kids to meet and mingle with those with special needs. It helps typical kids see beyond themselves and serve others.

I met a young man last night who has Down syndrome. His mom taught him to read and she said he loves to read. Another young man in the class, also with DS, reads. I was so happy to hear about it because I really want my son to read. Reading is such a wonderful thing and I hope he'll be able to enjoy it.

He already recognizes many sight words and I am doing a specific reading program with him that's designed for kids with DS. I spoke to his teacher for his online schooling program and she's enrolling him in an individualized reading program that will not only track his skills, but give him work relevant to his skills. We'll know exactly where his strengths and weaknesses are. I'm very excited. I intend to do all in my power to get him reading so he can enjoy all the stories out there.

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