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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New Speech Therapist Impressions

We met with a new speech therapist yesterday and I must say I was very impressed. She was very attentive to my son. She was patient and gave him such positive reinforcement.

She tested him on sounds and his ability to join more than one sound. He did pretty well. He actually made sounds I hadn't heard him make before. Each time he made the right sound, or even attempted the sound, she gave him a sticker. He started to get a little silly by putting his feet up on the table, but she was very kind and patient with him.

She seemed to be impressed that he kept eye contact with her and focused on the activity she was doing (except when he put his feet on the table). He has a long attention span if it's something that interests him--just like the rest of us. I know that my attention span is that of a three-year-old unless I'm interested. She did a good job of keeping him interested by moving to the floor, giving him train tracks to build for a train, and having him give her high fives.

She showed us some of her materials, including a CD with songs that encourage making sounds, and I am so, so excited for the possibilities. I felt like she was very tuned in to my son and very knowledgeable about what we can do to help him use more verbal skills. She's so enthusiastic and I am grateful we found her.

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