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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting Our Groove Back

We really enjoyed summer break. My son played with his siblings, spent a lot of time jumping on the trampoline, played with toys, went swimming, and used his educational computer games. I try very hard each summer to have a schedule, but it's a much different schedule than the school year. I like to let my kids have plenty of time to play, make crafts, read, practice the piano, and relax after a school year filled with so many demands. We also do chores, weed the garden, and work on bigger projects like deep cleaning bedrooms (not my kids' favorite). I started my son in his online school last week and we are still struggling to find that groove. He'd rather play than do school. Well, of course he would. Who wouldn't? I'm hoping this week will allow us to get back into a schedule so we can get more school work done. I'm looking forward to this school year and the possibilities ahead. I'm excited for him to learn and grow this year. We just need to get our groove back :).

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