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Friday, September 14, 2012

Great Online Reading Program

I found a really good online reading program. While reading the info about it, I found a section that said it has helped kids with special needs learn to read. Typical kids need to be exposed to words a few hundred times before they master that word. Kids with DS need to be exposed a thousand times (or something like that). I figured that if I can expose my son to reading in as many different ways as possible it will set him up for his best shot at success. The program is ClickNRead. I bought the version with Looney Tunes because my son gets bored so easily. The regular version is $19.99 for a year. Looney Tunes is $29.99 for a year. I also added the spelling program, but my son isn't ready for that one. He loves this program. He can find it himself and he does. He'll sit through the lesson and participate all on his own. Right now in speech therapy we are working on sounds and this reading program focuses on the sounds of each letter. Perfect timing. I'm really excited about it and hope it will help him learn to read. And maybe even talk.

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