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Monday, February 7, 2011

4 Signs

At my son's last therapy appointment, his therapist was very pleased with his progress. He's using signs more frequently and he not only used a single sign to communicate to her what he wanted, he combined two signs. He also met other goals such as knowing at least five body parts and making comments about things (like pointing to a ball and making the sign for "ball").

She set new goals for him: combining three signs and using at least two signs to comment on things he sees or hears. This morning, I was so excited when he combined four, yes four, signs. He signed, "want," "cereal," "more," and "prayer" and then he bowed his head. He communicated that he wanted to eat but we needed to say the blessing on the food first. Yay!

His therapist doesn't want him to learn sign language per se, but rather just enough signs to communicate what he needs or wants right now so he can then make the transition into speaking. That's what I want also. It's thrilling to see him progress and use signs more to communicate. He's still pointing when he doesn't know the sign for something, but he uses signs for things he does know. I can't wait until he speaks so I can hear what's on his little mind.

Yay for progress!

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