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Monday, May 17, 2010


Why is it that even my four-year-old is smarter than me when it comes to working a remote or the computer? He is a genius when it comes to anything electronic. I can always tell when he's had the remote to the DVR because he's set it to record cartoons. How does he do that?

He's also learned to navigate through one of his favorite internet sites www.starfall.com. This site allows kids to learn the letters as well as their sounds, learn to read, read simple books, and print out projects. My son is starting with the ABCs and he knows how to click on each letter. His favorite is when they show him how to do sign language for the letter. He loves to imitate the signs and he claps intermittently (which means he's pleased with himself).

Today when he got on the site, I tried to help him and he promptly told me "no" and instructed me (by pointing his finger) to leave the room.

I recommend this site for any kids who are just beginning to learn their letters all the way through reading fluently. It's a fun site. My other kids enjoy it as well. It's fun to watch my son while he learns his letters on this site.


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  1. Both of my kids LOVE starfall! I believe its helped them learn the letters and letter sounds...such a great site and keeps the kids interested in learning!


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