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Friday, October 8, 2010


I enrolled my son in a community gymnastics class to help him strengthen his muscles, learn to better follow directions, and to interact with other adults and  kids (I'm a super cool mom, but once in a while I think he gets tired of only playing with me :) ).

He did really well. He isn't the bravest soul so when it came time to walk across the balance beam (which is about 3 inches off the ground) he hung onto his teacher for dear life. He had a great time raising his arms up and down while following the class around the gym. He loved jumping. In fact, he now jumps more than he walks. He likes to count to three and then jump, especially when we're walking somewhere and are trying to hurry.

He wasn't too sure about the rope swing at first, but he seemed to be an expert by the end of the class, grasping onto the rope and then dropping a few feet into a big, cushiony mat.

I think his favorite activity was climbing through the tube. He kept wanting to go back and do that.

He did need some additional instruction and guidance to stay in line and not skip over the other kids so he could keep taking his turn over and over again. He isn't as good at responding to verbal instruction as he is to having someone show him what to do. But, once he gets it, he does pretty well.

Most of all, he's having fun. His little face lights up and he has a huge smile as he participates in this little gymnastics class and that's all I need to tell me he loves it.

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  1. Rebecca,

    Thanks for sharing. You are an inspiration. I'm looking forward to reading your book.



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