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Monday, June 7, 2010


My son had fun with us on our fishing trip over the weekend. He loved reeling in the line as soon as we cast it out for him. He wasn't quite sure about the fish when we caught them. He didn't want to touch any of them. Can't blame him, I didn't want to touch them either. I definitely didn't want to stick my finger in their mouths to pull out the hook. And gutting them? No thanks.

He was so cute sitting in his dad's lap holding onto the fishing pole. Wish I'd had my camera to capture it.

He really enjoyed taking off his shoes and socks and throwing them into the water. Yep, I had to go after them and I was sure I'd end up in the water, but luckily I didn't. His shoes are now permanently soiled with lake water. I'm just glad he didn't decide to go for a full-on swim.

He loved being part of our first successful, as in we actually caught some fish, fishing trip. Maybe when he's a little older, he'll catch one too.

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